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Copyright Infringement Removal (YouTube): The best and only way

Copyright Infringement Removal (YouTube): The best and only way

Also, many of us know that YouTube has very strict laws and rules, and in case of any violations or infringement of any of these regulations, your account is subject to closure and you will not be able to repeat it again.
So your channel, your profits, and all the subscribers to the channel benefit and what makes this matter disappointment for many, that in this case you will not be able in any way to restore the channel again.
So what is the solution if any of these violations are committed?
In the beginning and before we answer this question, we must first identify these types and their errors, so that we can deal with each of these violations separately,
There are two types of violations.

The first type is willful violations

It is the violation that the owner intends to commit, as he downloads one of the clips from another channel or from another side, and then he makes an amendment or a montage for this clip and adds some automated things in order to defraud and deceive YouTube algorithms.
But there are many large channels and well-known bodies that have a very strong and strong monitoring system, which makes it discover the matter as soon as this clip is loaded on the channel, and thus a violation is counted.
This violation is very difficult to get rid of, and for this I advise you not to commit such difficult violations or any violations in general,
Even if you delete this clip from the channel, this violation will not remain and will remain among the violations in the channel, because YouTube will remove the video automatically
We see these mistakes widespread and widespread on football clips or exclusive programs.
Also, there is another type of this deliberate violation, but it is less difficult than the first type.
Whereas, after you upload your video clip to the channel, you find a message on the email telling you that there is a person or party claiming the copyright for a portion of the clip that you downloaded.
However, this party or this person permits you to use this video and also does not claim their copyright, but only on condition ..
That is, the profits that this video makes are due to you and not to you, and this violation is very easy to deal with and do not cause anxiety.

As for the second type of violations

Violations are not intentional, or violations that are indirect,
This type of violation occurs without intentionally or intentionally from the originator of the content, for example by _
Providing a video to review a product, for example, as we sometimes see a lot of channel owners presenting many reviews for some mobile phones or some games, and these games have some of the copyrighted audio clips that warn against reuse without permission from the owner.
Unfortunately, the owner of the video did not intend this matter, nor did he intentionally commit any violation, and also this command did not work, but this is considered in the YouTube Terms of Service as an offense and punishable.
Therefore, before you start creating any content, you must be the owner of all rights to this video.
Also, to avoid getting caught in these violations and avoid many problems, I invite you to read the YouTube Terms of Service.
And also the terms related to copyright, and all these things can be found by visiting the next page

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