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How to control the Internet! And determining the internet speed for each device and a term permanently (Selfishnet program)

How to control the Internet! And determine the speed of the net for each device and a term finally
How to manage the home Internet
How to control the devices connected with you on the network
How to determine the Internet speed for each device
Completely disconnect the internet from unwanted callers
Today is the detailed explanation of the way to manage home internet networks, as well as the method of controlling the speed of the internet on any device connected to the network, and the method of cutting the Internet off of any intruder
Many of us now have a small home internet network at home, and many of us also have one or more people with this network, and certainly everyone has a love affair that is always keen to visit, and sometimes we need to download an important program or file, and also needs in some Sometimes you browse an important website,
But surprisingly, there is a very large weakness in the speed of the internet that it has, and the main reason for the slow internet that is shared by a group of people is due to the use of one of them torrent programs or watching videos continuously or downloading files a lot from the Internet.
Today, God willing, we offer you a very wonderful program that enables you to manage the private network with ease and this is through a very small program called

barnamaj Selfishnet

Through the use of this program, we will give you, God willing, a detailed explanation, on how the program works and how to use it in order to control the throughput of the Internet for devices connected with you on the same network. Also, how to distribute the Internet to subscribers with all and parts of the Internet for intruders

Selfishnet features

The program does not require auto-finishing
And it works on most versions of Windows win 7 win xp, win 8, win 10,
The program is completely free and can be downloaded with ease
A wonderful and simple program that does not require the user any technical knowledge to work with it.

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