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Solve a problem with an existing AdSense account step-by-step and guide

Solve a problem with an existing AdSense account step-by-step and guide

Just create a channel or website and start making profits,
But without a doubt, you will need to create a Google Adsense account in order to be able to place ads on your channel, website or blog.
As we know that every user has the right to create only one account in Google Adsense, and it is not allowed to own more than that.
However, in the recent period, some problems facing some people, especially beginners, started during the creation of the Google Adsense account.
It is a message saying that you have an existing AdSense account and this account must be closed first in order to complete the registration,
The strange thing is that many of them do not own any Adsense account and this is the first time for them to try to create an Adsense account.
If what is the problem and what are the reasons and also the way to solve?
First we will try to identify the causes of the problem.
There are many reasons this message may have been sent
For example.
You already had an AdSense account a long time ago, or you closed the account but not completely
Or it is possible that some people think that by changing the e-mail, a new account can be created.
The truth is that it is completely different. Adsense does not recognize all these things, and you cannot create an account with data or information that was used before.
Whether you use this data or someone else,
This is the second reason.
It is possible that there is someone who used your data to create an AdSense account before, especially the phone number where when any phone number is used in any previous account it cannot be used in any new account
third reason ?
Create multiple accounts from the same device, whether from the phone, from the computer, or any device that you use. For example, there can be one device in the house that is used by more than one person and this matter also can cause this problem to occur.

Solve a problem with an existing AdSense account

We now come to solutions after we got to know the reasons,
First, it is preferable not to try more than once if this problem is addressed.
It is also preferable to use a device other than the one you have
Create a new account with new data and information and from a new device
It is best to do a factory reset for the device you are using and delete cookies in your browser
Create a reset for your router to help you solve the problem

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