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The best and easiest way to download software for all Android devices (and solve all performance problems)

Recently, many Chinese companies have been working in the electronics field, specifically in the mobile phone industry. Whether smart phones, tablets or a lot of other products.
It is noticeable for the movement of markets, especially Arab markets, and specifically the Egyptian markets. It will be noted that these companies were able to build a very large base among users, especially among young people.
In fact, there are reasons behind this
As these companies provide phones with leading specifications and at the same time at very low prices compared to other companies.
Some of the companies came on the list of best sellers in Egypt in the year 2017/2018
Huawei company
Infinix company
Xiaomi company
The company Opo
And many other companies that are starting to force themselves in the market.
But the problems that many users face on these phones remain widespread and frequent.
As many of those others, as usual, begin to slow or not respond, or some of them do not work well, especially with modern applications and programs, and some of them also lose storage space in a strange and noticeable way.
And many other problems, which repeat and increase day by day
But in most cases most of these problems are related to operating systems or the software version on the phone, and all of these problems can be solved by updating the operating system (the Android version)
But here also some face difficulty or problems in this part, and he cannot do a manual phone update and needs a specialist, and this will cost time as well as money and also endanger the phone's privacy,
Through this topic, we will learn how to solve all these problems in person and without the need to seek the assistance of any other people.

First, how to download the software ..

There are two ways to do this.
The first method, which is the manual method.
It is where you take all steps to download the software.
It may take you some time to complete all the steps necessary to install the new software for the phone.
 To start with, you need to specify the quality and model of your phone in order to download the official ROM for the phone.
Second: You will need to download the USP drivers for your Android phone in order for the device to be identified to the computer and able to install the new ROM.
Third we come to the section on the installation method.
1_ We connect the phone with the computer to install the USP drivers file
2_ After defining the phone, we disconnect it from the computer, and then we turn off the phone completely.
3 _ We need the Flash Tool.
It is the program used to download the software, and this program works on most devices and supports many operating systems
To download the program, click here

The second method, which is the easiest method

Automatic update of the phone. All you need to do is enter your phone's settings
and then
About the phone
system update
Check for an update
Immediately it will show you if there is a new update available for the phone or not

Note: It is better to connect to the Wi-Fi network, because the update space is often very large and may cost you a lot of money if you connect via the mobile data to the phone.
In the event that there is no update available during which a factory reset can be done for the phone in order to remove all unwanted files and programs that consume device resources and reduce work efficiency.
Note: Do not forget to backup the important files on your phone.
With these three methods, you can solve most of the performance problems affecting your phone, and fix many problems and errors that can be detected while using the phone.
Finally, I hope you liked the topic, and your comments can be written through comments 
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