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Download App Lock app for Android phones Best Android applications

Download the AppLock app for Android phones:

The App Lock app was introduced in 2012, as the number of users of the application reached more than 300 million people in more than 150 countries worldwide and the application is equipped with more than 32 languages.
The lock app is one of the most prominent and prominent applications in relation to users of phones that carry the Android system, as it helps to protect your phone and protect your applications because many people have their phones full of confidential and private data.
You must secure your privacy, and that also applies to your social media programs, JethN
App Lock It is an application to close all Android programs on your phone.
He protects you from all the people around you and also protects you when a child holds the phone or when someone who you do not want to see your applications or your photos and videos on the phone.
App Lock helps you gain a lot of security on your phone as it helps you to secure everything that you do not want anyone to reach, this application was designed specifically for phones that did not come with a safe for protection or application lock programs.

How can you close your applications via App Lock:

First step, download the application from Google Play
After downloading the application on your phone, log in to it, when you enter it, you will be presented with the option to draw a pattern in which you will close applications, then after that you can change it at any time you want so you can put your handprint or password
After that you will be required to put your own e-mail so put it, then a page will appear in front of you that will be explained now.

Explanation of the page or interface that has appeared:

In order to close the applications, go down to the applications below the General option. You will find in front of each application an open lock tag. If you want to lock the application, click on it.
If your phone carries Android 5.0 and later, the application will ask you to give it approval to close the applications, and that will be done by clicking on the Permit to approve, from the interface that appeared to you, choose the App Lock application.
You will find that the application is closed, then open it by pressing Allow usage access. These steps appear only in the first time that you access an application, and after that it does not appear again.

App Lock features:

You can hide the images and applications that you want to hide and you can only see them inside the application
You can in the lock application to use the fingerprint of the phone that supports this feature or set a password instead of a pattern.
Via App Lock, you can take pictures via the app, so that it can be saved more safely.
Through the lock program, you can create a photo store and set a password for it.
You can hide the lock mark so that it is not visible to others and you can also hide the application itself.
You can change the lock shape to the desired shape.
You can register your password with the lock application via the keyboard in order to warn and avoid your password being saved by intruders.
There are a lot of features of the application

General information about the lock application:

App Name: App Lock
Application size: 8.1 M
Application price: My price
Last updated: August 29, 2019
Content: Suitable for 3 years and over
Current version: 2.8.10
Systems: Android
Installed times: +100,000,000
Ads: none
Developer: App Lock
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