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Create an ads txt file in AdSense | Solving the problem of profits is at risk. Inside the Google AdSense account

In the recent period, many users of Google Adsense accounts were surprised by the appearance of a warning message indicating that there is a problem with profits, and that websites are threatened with stopping advertisements or losing a lot of profits because the site or blog does not contain ads txt.
Here, many young people begin to feel fear of this message, because most of them do not know what is meant by it

A simple explanation of the ads txt

"Certified digital sellers" or ads.txt is an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that helps ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold by sellers (such as AdSense) that you have identified as approved sellers. Creating your own ads.txt files gives you more control over who is allowed to sell ads on your website, and helps prevent fake inventory from being shown to advertisers.

It is highly recommended that you use the ads.txt file, as this file can assist buyers in identifying counterfeit repositories, and it can also help you obtain more advertisers ’spend that otherwise would have been spent on that counterfeit repository.

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