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Conditions for accepting your blog or site on Google Adsense 2020

Conditions for accepting your blog or site on Google Adsense | Google Adsense 2020 subscription terms

Are you trying to sign up with Google Adsense?
Do you want to link your website or blog to Google Adsense account?
Do you want to profit from Adsense ads?
There is no doubt that the answer is yes, if you must familiarize yourself with the conditions that must be met in your blog before subscribing to Google Adsense, and until you are accepted and activated ads.
There are some important and basic conditions that must be available on your site or blog before thinking about signing up with Google Adsense, and therefore to ensure that the blog is not rejected, since if you do not meet these conditions, the blog will not be accepted and thus reduce the chances of accepting in the upcoming times.

First: the domain.

It is better to have a paid domain before signing up with Google Adsense, as the free domain hinders the acceptance of the blog easily.
Also, make sure that the domain has passed at least 30 days before applying to Adsense
In addition, the blog should have a good appearance on the search engine and appear within the search results, especially the Google search engine
Second: The blog template
One of the basics that must be met in the blog is the template, but this template needs some conditions to be accepted
The template must be compatible with all smart screens
And also check the speed of the template and free from errors and malicious codes
In addition, the template should be easy to move around and be well coordinated.
Third: Create pages
You need to create some static pages on your blog before subscribing to Adsense
It is the Privacy Policy page
And the Contact Us page
In addition to other pages, but they are optional pages
Topics or articles.
The main factor in every site are the topics that are in it and where the ads are placed and for this you must have sufficient content of the topics
And also that the subject contains sufficient explanation
The topic is preferred to be at least 500 words
Articles must be exclusive and not copied from other websites
Your posts should not contain any violation of Google Adsense policies
Ensure that the links in the topic are correct and that they are working correctly
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